Eczema Treatment in Appleton and Fox Cities
Is Your Skin Generally Dry and Itchy?
If So, You May Have Eczema

What is Eczema?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a form of Dermatitis. It usually affects the face and the inside of the elbows and knees. The skin is also generally dry, itchy and then develops a bubbly rash. After scratching, the skin may become mildly thickened, scaly and red.

Common Eczema Triggers:

– Sweating

– Overheating

– Contact with irritants

– Emotions

– Stress

– Food allergy (in some cases)

– When the rash is severe there may be a secondary staph infection.

Avoid Itching!

Preventing itching is important because sometimes eczema is significantly worsened by scratching. Moisturizing the skin, removing irritants and topical cortisone creams help.

Eczema Symptoms

It’s a type of contact dermatitis that is a hypersensitive reaction to an allergen. Symptoms include itchy skin or a rash/skin lesion that can ooze, drain or crust. It can also be raw, scaly or thick. Thankfully, the reaction is usually limited to the exposure area. Symptoms usually appear a day or two after exposure to the allergen. These sensitizing agents may be found by patch testing if indicated.

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Dermatitis Treatment

In collaboration with your family doctor or dermatologist, we identify the type of dermatitis you have.
We can test for allergic triggers of your eczema.