Finally! Winter is over and spring is in the air! Unfortunately, for allergy sufferers that also means that allergens are in the air.

Here are 6 surprising spring allergies and 3 tips for taking care of the symptoms.


1. April Showers


…bring spring flowers!  As spring flowers and other greens start to emerge so will your allergies! Your allergist will prescribe an antihistamine or nasal decongestant to help handle the symptoms.


2. Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning is great. However, deep cleaning some of those areas of your house will release dust, pollens, and mold into the air! It’s hard to avoid spring cleaning, but know what you can or can’t handle. Have your family help you with cleaning! Use hypoallergenic cleaning products to help reduce odors and allergens in the air.


3. Thunderstorms


This one is a little more difficult to explain. Spring showers may become spring thunderstorms. Thunderstorm usually have heavy winds and a drop in pressure. This causes pollens and particle to swirl around and agitate any allergies.


4. Humidity


As the temperature rises so does the humidity. As humidity rises so will the mold count. If mold allergies are bothering you then keep humidity out of your house by using a dehumidifier!


5. Ceiling Fans


When’s the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan? Ceiling fans are a dust magnet. Those who suffer from dust allergies should dust and clean their ceiling fan (at least) every two weeks.


6. Your Pet


You’re not allergic to your pet. However, now that it’s spring, you can let your dog or cat outside now and then they can bring pollens back into the house with them! Keep your dog or cat thoroughly brushed and bath them as often as their breed recommends.


3 Tips for Allergy Sufferers:


1. Check Your Daily Pollen Count (check out our pollen count tool!)


  • Take recommended allergy medications before doing any outdoor activities
  • Avoid outdoor activity when pollen counts are high


2. Ensure Indoor Air is Clean


  • Use dehumidifier to keep humidity down
  • Keep floors clean
  • Use air conditioning when necessary (especially on humid days)


3. Know What Allergies You Have


  • Get tested by an allergist so that you know for sure which allergies you suffer from
  • This helps you plan for an fight off your allergies